We run Youth Club Nights three evenings a week. One evening is for 10-13 year olds, another is for 14-17 year olds and the third is for anyone to come along. During the evenings you can just hang out with your friends in the chill out area or join in with activities such as DJ-ing, pool, cooking, art and dance.

One week a month we have a week of club nights where we focus on a specific issue relevant to young people or we hold some fund raising events for Youthy and other local charities. We want you all to be involved in telling us what you would like to do during these weeks and in the past young people have hosted quiz nights for each other, made and sold cakes to raise funds and invited specialist workers in to raise awareness of the dangers of various substances, talk about health issues and road safety around being a pedestrian and a driver.

You can just come along one evening or young people or parents can give us a call before visiting for the first time if you want to find out more.

Entry is 50p and we also run a tuck shop with a selection of healthy snacks and some treats too.