Marak is a digital advertising agency specialized in marketing and emerging technologies, with expertise in digital strategy, social media and online promotion. It has experience in developing online outreach strategies; contributing to the creation of accessible and communicative digital platforms including social and sharing tools, dedicated to specific target groups (such as YWs).


CYCLISIS is a non-profit organization operating in the rural areas of Patras. The organization’s goal is to facilitate the empowerment and active participation of young people in work and society; to promote equal representation of both sexes and to combat stereotypes related to sexuality and gender fluidity.



Arcipelago is a voluntary association and is part of the network of Arci clubs in the province of Caserta, which is a member of Arci Nazionale. Its priority objectives are: the facilitation of ways of conscious participation and active citizenship for minors, young people and adults, Italians and foreigners; the fight against the phenomena of social exclusion; the promotion of collective growth processes based on the strengthening of SOFT and LIFE COMP competences.


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