What is E-Wisee?

The project “Europe Working for Inclusive Sex and Emotional Education” E-WISEE aims to strengthen young people’s knowledge, competences and skills in the field of affective and sexual education.

The Objetives:

The project aims to enhance the role of YWs in affectivity and sexual education, to:

  • Increase the professional knowledge of YWs and provide them with specific intervention methodologis (online and face-to-face).
  • Improve the transversal competencies of YWs, such as active listening, effective communication, emotional communication; the ability to manage the educational relationship in the digital environment.
  • Facilitate interaction and exchange between European YWs on the topic.

The content:

E-WISEE foresees the creation of the  platform, a useful tool to improve the competencies and knowledge of YWs on the topic of affectivity and sexual education. Part of this platform is dedicated to the exchanges between European YWs working in the field of affectivity and sexuality education.

The results:

The expected results are:

  • To have increased the knowledge and professional competencies of YWs in relation to the topic of education on affectivity and sexuality.
  • To have strengthened a European network of YWs discussing methodologies and critical issues related to the specific topic of sexuality.
  • To have expanded and qualified the expertise and operational network of stakeholders on the specific topic.



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