The book demonstrates how young people provide a compelling case for rethinking sexuality education on the basis that values and makes central their lived experiences. The book provides a useful tool for adult allies to work through the common misconceptions of what it means to work with young people as key stakeholders in Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE).

The book focuses on one of the case studies from the second phase of the project, in which over one hundred students (aged 15-17) were engaged as co-researchers in understanding, critiquing and transforming sexuality education in one urban secondary school in Melbourne. Young people involved in this project were partners in the knowledge-production process, engaged in unpacking their previous experiences of sexuality education, engaged in the creation of new classroom learning experiences focus on what they would like to learn more about (e.g. love, gender and sexuality diversity, violence, safety and support and sexual pleasure) and through the co-design of resources for teaching and learning in sexuality education.

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