Distinction Between Sex and Gender

“A distinction needs to be made. They need to understand the differences between the two terms nicely. On the one hand, we are talking about what you are attracted to in another person and on the other hand we are talking about how the person perceives themselves, how they see themselves. They are two completely different things. Sex is about other people. It’s about attraction, whether it exists or not, for something specific or not specific. Also, it’s either completely clear to a person or it’s not at all. I think it all starts when we think about the terminology sex and why it’s used. It gives a lot of answers to that stuff. The fact that we use the term sex to talk about the sexual act has to do with my attraction to your biological characteristics. But gender identity has to do with other things, deeper things. It’s a little differently situated. You could say it’s the heart and the mind. We start from a different starting point. Gender is about what the person feels about themselves alone. How the person wants to be defined and addressed.”