Gender Identity

Gender identity is how an individual identifies based on their internal understanding of gender. Gender identities may include male, female, agender, androgynous, genderqueer, nonbinary, transgender, or many others.

Gender identity is understood as the internal and individual way in which individuals perceive gender. This may or may not coincide with the gender identified at birth and includes the individual experience of the body. This may involve changes in body appearance or pharmacology, surgery, or other means if freely chosen. It also includes other expressions of gender, such as clothing, speech, and expression. 

[Galanou, M. (2014). Identity and Gender Expression. Athens: Transgender Support Association]

“That I as a non-binary after years of exploring concepts have concluded that it is a term that represents me, defines me and I am comfortable with it. And I feel it is close to what I feel and want to express outwardly. The key questions around this issue are “What am I?” and “What do I want to be?” It’s a personal thing. And how I want others to see me.”