Gender Non-Binary

A person who embraces a gender identity along a continuum or spectrum of gender identities and expressions is often based on the rejection of the gender binary’s assumption that gender is strictly an either/or option based on sex assigned at birth. 

(Check also the following terms: Gender Binary and Sex Assigned at Birth/Biological Sex)

“We mentioned at the beginning that if you’re a woman, you have to be soft, with the children, in the kitchen. whereas if you are a man, “bring home the money.” And if you’re neither, you don’t exist.”

“We are talking about something purely binary, male-female. There is nothing in between and nothing more than that. This, however, clashes with the fluidity—the fluidity—that exists and the notion of sexuality and gender identity as a spectrum. And what is a spectrum? That we can’t define precise points and differentiation. So, the transition from one to the other is accompanied by fluidity.”

Non Binary Pride Flag