“Outing” is when someone discloses the sexual orientation or gender identity of an LGBTQ+ person without their consent. Outing creates issues of privacy, choice, and harm. In addition, outing can sometimes be publicized. For instance, someone can out prominently figures like well-known politicians, athletes, actors, singers, and more. Those who oppose LGBTQ+ rights have used outing in this way as a controversial political tactic. To avoid being outed, an LGBTQ+ public figure may feel forced to come out publicly first. 

Outing is a harmful act that can traumatize the person being outed. It can also lead to someone experiencing violence or putting them in dangerous situations. Even if the risks aren’t severe, it’s still unacceptable to share someone’s identity without their consent. Outing can even be illegal in some instances. For example, if a school outs a student to their parents, caregiver, or family.